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Father's Day. Here's the Plan.

Yes, Father's Day is this Sunday, but we don't mind working our butts off if it results in a few more happy customers. 

Here's what's ready to roll: 
- Tobacco - All sizes
- Tobacco - Back in Black - All sizes
- Bison - 28" and 30"
- Mahogany - All sizes
- Walnut Bison - 30" and 33"

If an order is placed by Thursday noon, you can bet we're gonna kill ourselves to get it on the road in time to have it under the tree come Sunday.  West Coast might be tough. And Canadia... sorry, but there's just no way to have it there by Sunday, amigos. 

Important! Lower Pockets are generally added once the order is placed. As such, the addition of which will most certainly move your order to the back of the list.  Just being upfront here. 

Pricing above reflects the baseline for each style. Once options are selected, including strap style and length, the price surely will go up, as these things do. 



Jory Brigham

Puts his heart into some pretty stellar Mid-Century Modern furniture out on the Central California Coast. Uses tools like they're an extension of himself.    
Paso Robles, California


Ben Riddering

Designer and builder of beautiful things, including the original Calavera Apron (he's wearing it here). Nicest guy you’ll ever meet.
Arroyo Grande, California

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