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Our Work Aprons

Introducing the All-New Walnut Bison

This baby combines the beauty of our hand-dyed walnut with the luxuriousness of Mr. Montalban's finest Corinthian leather. We've only got a handful, so you might want to hustle. 

Pricing above reflects the baseline for each style. Once options are selected, including strap style and length, the price surely will go up, as these things do. 



Jory Brigham

Puts his heart into some pretty stellar Mid-Century Modern furniture out on the Central California Coast. Uses tools like they're an extension of himself.    
Paso Robles, California


Bill Robinson

Makes old, beat up places look great and work like they were built yesterday. A traveling man with a big brain and a bigger heart. Serves waffles on Sundays.
New Orleans, Louisiana


Ben Riddering

Designer and builder of beautiful things, including the original Calavera Apron (he's wearing it here). Nicest guy you’ll ever meet.
Arroyo Grande, California

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