Ultimate Turners Sweeps!

An All-Star Lineup of Awesome! Enter Now!

Tobacco - 100% USA Cowhide

Hand Dyed Walnut - 100% Free Range Bison

Not just another Christmas Gift.

I'm not talking to all of you, but I'm definitely talking to some of you. When's the last time you bought her something really nice... like over and above nice? Well, let us help you fix that.

Seriously fellas, think of all awesome you've got stashed away... in your shop, your golf bag, or maybe under the hood. Now think of how one of these pretty amazing (yes, I do say so myself) Roscoes could grease the wheels towards keeping it that way. Roscolitas work too!

Or maybe it's not that way at all and you're just looking for the next opportunity to blow your person's mind. 

Either way, we got you.But I need you to get your hustle on since I literally make every one of these babies from scratch and I need all the lead time I can get! 

Let's get this show on the road.

Please note: Pre-order period is over. But that doesn't mean we won't move mountains to make some magic happen, so get that order in and we'll do everything we can!

Recent Upgrades!

Looking to add that Silva Style chest pocket, but don't need the full Turner's Edition? Well, that's now an option across the line. Hammer Loop too.

Just look for those upgrade options when you're customizing your new apron.

Lead times

We are currently on track to get every new and existing order out in plenty of time for Christmas.

We still have time to add a few more Turner's Edition and Gatornados, but please get those orders in as soon as possible. Because those are an awful lot of work.

We're here for it.

If you run into any issues or questions during the selection/ordering process, just drop us a note at info@calaveratool.com

Best belts on planet earth

Side Gear

Double Stacked Pockets - Max Capacity!

We've added what we're calling Double Stacked Pockets as an option to all our aprons across the line. These compartments of goodness reside on the outside bottom of both our Standard Lower Pockets and Paolini Side Entry Pockets.

Simply choose your preferred Lower Pocket style and add Double Pockets as an option below.

The Calavera Origin Story

Shortly after vacating my cushy office with the nice view at Festool, I decided to put the corporate life behind me for good. No Big Boxes in sight and no foreign production on the horizon... just hard work and a dream to build something special in the USA.

Head this way for the full story. Well, what's fit to print, at least.