Holiday Lead Times

Current lead times are running 3-4 weeks... a little longer for Turner's Aprons, Gatornados and more complex setups.

That said, we have yet to come up short when it comes to Christmas delivery.

If you're reading this, you can rest assured that we will absolutely get your order to you (and under the tree) by the 25th.

Calavera Work Aprons

The Calavera Origin Story

Shortly after vacating my cushy office with the nice view at Festool, I decided to put the corporate life behind me for good. No Big Boxes in sight and no foreign production on the horizon... just hard work and a dream to build something special in the USA.

Head this way for the full story. Well, what's fit to print, at least. 

New Design - Increased Capacity!

We've added what we're calling Double Pockets as an option to all our aprons across the line. These compartments of goodness reside on the outside bottom of both our Standard Lower Pockets and Paolini Side Entry Pockets.

Simply choose your preferred Lower Pocket style and add Double Pockets as an option below.

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