Warranty and Return Policy

We take quality very seriously. Every apron, belt or whatever else you have trusted us to make for you, carries a little piece of us along with it. So yeah, it's important to us that you're happy with your purchase. 

Everything we make carries with it a lifetime guarantee. Now, let's be clear... that doesn't mean your actual lifetime here on Earth, but it does mean the expected lifetime of the product. As in, if your piece of Calavera gear doesn't deliver at the highest level under normal usage, then we will make it right. 

Specific examples, you say? 

Example 1 - Basic workmanship

Thread or rivet comes out due to poor workmanship. That's totally on us. Send it back and we'll get her fixed right up. Shipping's on us. 

Example 2 - Accidents happen

You accidentally jam a chisel or pair of scissors into the thread or leather and bust some stuff loose. Well, that one's on you, but we'll still take care of it. It just means you have to pay shipping both ways. 

Example 3 - Wrong size apron - Standard setup

You ordered the wrong size apron (standard setup). Under most circumstances, this one's easy. We'll gladly exchange it for the right one. We will ask that you cover shipping both ways though.

Apron to be exchanged/returned must be in new and saleable condition. 

Example 4 - Wrong size apron - Custom setup

You ordered (or someone ordered for you) a really sweet, tricked out apron with all the bells and whistles (tape clip, towel ring, etc.) but you want a different size. We can make that happen too, but once we've added anything that requires custom placement (aforementioned pocket, clip or ring), we're gonna need to charge you a 20% restock fee plus shipping both ways.

Issue is that once an apron crosses the line into custom territory, our options for selling it to someone else at full price are greatly diminished. In other words, it basically becomes dead stock. 

Apron to be exchanged/returned must be in new and saleable condition. Aprons with custom branding, names or initials are non-returnable. 

Example 5 - Ordered the wrong belt size

This happens pretty regularly, actually. But there's one foolproof way to prevent such a mishap (!!!)... just follow the instructions on measuring for your custom belt. It's as simple as measuring an old belt or the actual circumference of your waist. Pants size never works. Never. Shipping's on you, my friend.... both ways.

Belt to be exchanged/returned must be in new and saleable condition.  

Example 6 - You just don't love it

Bottom line here... we're not sticking you with something you don't love. Just be sure not to wear it or otherwise use it before deciding you don't love it... belt, apron or otherwise. Just bear in mind... if it's standard, it's an easy transaction. If it's got all the bells and whistles, we'll need to have a little talk about restocking fees. But don't sweat it, this never happens. 

Important note on handbags! Due to their custom nature and that we only make them a few times per year, any returns of Roscoes, Roscolitas or other handbag will incur a 20% restocking fee. 

Finally, anything with initials, custom branding or other personalization is non-returnable. Same thing goes for custom work or one-offs. 

Returns or exchanges for anything other than workmanship or materials must be started within 30 days of purchase and all items must be in new and saleable condition. 

Everything else

Just drop an email to info@calaveratool.com and we'll sort it all out. But trust me, it's so rare anyone needs to do any of the above, you'd hardly believe it. We make the good stuff.