Tape Clips and Towel Rings - Retrofit

Tape Clips and Towel Rings - Retrofit

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Status: Tape Clips and Towel Rings are in stock and ready to rock. 

Please allow 2-3 weeks for us to turn around any retrofit request. 

Two ways to go about adding a Tape Clip or Towel Ring to an apron:

1) Add it on to your new order by simply adding it as an option there on the product page along with your choice of apron. (you will have more placement options if you order it with a new apron)

2) Add it to an apron you already own. Simply follow the instructions below for that particular brand of magic. 

Here's how that works:  

1) Figure out where you want it/them... pretty much anywhere on the apron you choose (pretty much, I say... don't test your luck). 

2) Mark the spot. We'll hook you up with some (totally worthless) bonus points if you can be as specific as possible as to where exactly you want that to go and at what angle. 

3) Ship that much-beloved apron back to Calavera HQ

Attn: Department of Tape Clip Retrofits
Calavera Tool Works
746 Willow Lake Road 
Charleston, SC 29412

In a matter of a couple (if you're lucky) weeks, we'll have that baby back to you, fresh add-on ready to rock and a fresh oil change (err... conditioning). 

Maker's Note: 

If your existing apron already has lower pockets, please be aware that our options will be a little more limited as far as positioning. In other words, that baby is pretty much going to default to Position A, though you still get to choose left or right. 



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