Shop Journal - Large

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All journals are in stock and well, ready to rock. This is one of the few items we can ship at the last minute and still make the cut, so well... that's something. 

Capture your thoughts in style with this leather wrapped notebook featuring your choice of the same hard-wearing leather as our Mahogany aprons or the same heavy duty bridle leather as our apron straps.

And once you've loaded up its 2 removable inserts, simply pull them out and replace with a couple of spares, available right here. (seriously, you're going to fill this thing up, so don't skimp on the spares)

Each journal includes 2 pre-loaded inserts of 30 sheets (60 pages) each, Large A5 available in lined only.  


6.5" x 9" with 5" x 8.3" (A5) inserts


Mahogany - Mahogany leather comes in around 4-5oz (that's leatherspeak!) for a fast and easy break in. This is the same leather we use for many of the front pockets on our aprons and the same general weight/thickness as our main apron panels. 


Assorted elastic colors to suit your own very special style.