Strap/Belt Retrofit

Strap/Belt Retrofit

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Looking to upgrade or otherwise swap out your straps or add a belt? We got you covered right here. 

Full Retro
On rare occasion, we hear from a customer who would like to switch over their current straps to a different setup. Pretty sure we've only seen it a handful of times, and it was usually someone wanting to modify their apron from an X-back setup to a Y-Back, which does in truth keep things a little more secure around the midsection. 

And instead of having you send the whole thing back to us for the retrofit, we're going to just package up all the parts and send em your way, along with some special fasteners that will pull it all together. Super. Simple. Swearsies. 

Belt Only 

Rocking an X-Back but want a little extra security around the mid section? Step right up. Available in Standard 24" length and XL 30" and features quick-connect snaps on each end with an adjustable buckle in the middle. 

Oh, and...

Yes, it looks like there are a lot of options... size, color of strap, hardware finish. Just give a look at your current setup to match things up and the rest should be pretty self-explanatory.