A Little About Calavera Tool Works

You don't dig the big box, you don't go discount, and you definitely don't do generic. That's cool. Neither do we.

We started Calavera Tool Works after too many years spent working on our own furniture pieces, remodels and other assorted construction projects wearing or using gear that we’d never put our own names on.

Toolbelts so stiff and full of last week’s nails that they’re more of a hindrance than a useful piece of equipment... Threadbare, one-size-fits-none aprons with dust filled pockets... You hear what we’re saying.

You pour so much of your creativity and passion into a project — that epic piece of furniture, the dialed in bank of cabinets, the perfectly seated piece of moulding — you deserve to be working with tools and equipment designed with the same level of care and craftsmanship you put into your projects.

So here we come with a head full of ideas, a forty-year-old hand-me-down sewing machine, and a driving commitment to deliver a level of product quality not seen nearly often enough in our industry. Our product line is the result of design with intent – built to meet your high standards, to address your unmet needs and to make your goals of delivering next-level quality that much easier.

We feel like the folks building fine furniture and cabinetry deserve gear that’s just as comfortable and durable as the high dollar leather rigs you’ll find on rough framing crews. Made from extremely tough leather that’s selected for how well it breaks down and molds itself to the wearer, you’ll come to appreciate your Calavera apron as you might a trusted baseball glove or well-broken-in pair of boots.  

One more thing you’ll definitely learn about our gear… we didn’t design it to fit with the industry’s long-established norms. We looked at what everyone else was doing and wondered… why are they all doing it the same way, and why don’t these things evolve? So yeah, we do things a little differently around here. But so do you.

We designed our gear to work how you need it to.  And we believe that in short order, it will become so much a part of you that you simply will not want to work without it.