Work Aprons - Notes on Sizing...

To be sure we've got you covered (literally and figuratively) we build our work aprons in 7 different adult sizes: 26", 28", 30", 32", 34", 36" and 38". Though this measurement refers specifically to the length of the main panel from top to bottom, the patterns we use are scaled based on a typical person's proportions. In other words, we didn't just add a couple inches to the bottom or top, but instead size them up more generally to match how they should fit the wearer. 

How they fit...
To start, you will find that our work aprons are far more streamlined than your typical muu-muu, one-size-fits-no-one style. A well-fit Calavera apron will cover the area between the top of your chest and a few inches above your knees, providing protection from sawdust, wood chips, finishes and other assorted workshop mess while enabling full range of movement and easy access to pants pockets. 

In general, here's the rundown, at least in terms of height:

26" - 5'6" and below
28" - 5'7"-5'8"
30" - 5'9"-5'10"
32" - 5'11"-6'
34" - 6'1"-6'2"
36" - 6'3"-6'4"
38" - 6'5"-6'8"
40" - The really big folks

We've tried them out on quite a few body types at this point, and though I'll admit that we still have some work to do before we're a great fit for those with substantial bay windows (read: large protruding belly), there seems to be enough adjustability in the design to accommodate the majority of wearers.  

Advice for the Bay Window Crowd: 

Experience tells us you're going to need to size up a bit to cover the, um... extra square footage. To be clear, we didn't design these things with just Ben Riddering in mind (well, at first we did). As the aprons get longer, they grow in overall width and coverage as well. 

And if you do still believe you're going to need even more coverage, we'll be happy to handle that on a case by case basis for an additional charge. If you think this applies to you, send a note with your height, weight and description of your general build to with Need Me Some Extra Coverage in the subject line. 

Finally, a quick note on how we designed the straps... 

We took great care in designing each of our strap options, leaving plenty of length and ample points of adjustment, including buckles, post screws, and more. Our aprons are built to be used over a long day's work, so it's critical that yours fits just right. We're pretty sure we got that covered. 

But if for any reason your Calavera Work Apron does not meet your expectation for fit, finish, or whatever else, we sincerely want you to send it back for a full refund. These things ain't cheap, and it's important to us that you're able to look back on your investment with excitement and pride for a very long time.