The Maker Series

The Maker Series

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I'm so excited about these, I can hardly stand it. The concept for this series has been playing in the back of my head for years. And finally, with the help of my excellent friend and extremely talented artist, Dan Crosby, they have become reality.

Using our favorite vintage tools as a starting point, Dan sketched, transferred, then hand-cut the concepts onto linoleum blocks which he used to print back to paper stock. From there we had magnesium plates machined for use in embossing this awesome work onto some of our most popular Side Gear. And that's just the short version. 

Perhaps what I love most about the Maker Series is its authenticity. This isn't just clip art taken from the interwebs, but a months long collaboration between friends, resulting in something that is true to the maker spirit. I hope you appreciate them half as much as I do. 

How to buy

To make this easy, we're starting with three ready-to-rock packages, found below. 

Small - Small Classic Shop Journal + Set of 5 Coasters ($60 value)

Medium - Medium CatchAll + Small Classic Shop Journal + Set of 5 Coasters ($120 value)

Large - Valet Mat (new!) + Medium CatchAll + Large Classic Shop Journal + Set of 5 Coasters ($170 value)

For more product options, or to mix and match artwork, visit pages for Journals, CatchAlls, Valet Trays, Valet Mats (new!) and Coasters.