Pocket Retrofit

Pocket Retrofit

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Yes, these pockets are pretty sweet. And sure, we'll retrofit that apron you purchased before we added them to the lineup. While we've got it, we'll even go over your apron with a fine tooth comb to be sure it's firing on all cylinders and finish it off with some fresh conditioner.

Because the leather is a little lighter on the Walnut Bison and Bison, we hem back the edges of the pocket for a little extra durability. Heavier in weight and a bit stiffer to start, pockets on the Tobacco and Mahogany are sewn flat. All pockets are generously sized, best demonstrated in the pics you see here.  

Now you know what you want, here's how to make it happen:

  1. Choose your options on this page, just as you would a regular order. 
  2. Drop that baby in the box of your choosing and ship back to the following: 

Calavera Tool Works
Attn: Pocket Retrofit Department
746 Willow Lake Road
Charleston, SC 29412

That's pretty much it. We're currently swamped with regular orders headed into the busiest time of year, so it could easily be a few weeks before this baby's on her way home. But rest assured that she's in good hands until then.  

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