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Marc and Jory happen to be two of my best buds in the industry, so I was more than pleased to accommodate when they asked for some leather for their Hank Chair Build. And now that the plans are available to you all you good people more broadly, I figure you're gonna need some leather to go with em. 

Each panel is cut to 21" x 23", and slightly bigger when possible. 

Bison and Walnut Bison Panels and Hides

Because of their wild nature, bison hides come to us with more holes and imperfections than you can imagine, which of course we have to navigate when carving out our aprons or these seat panels. And while we're taking great care to produce the cleanest panels possible, let it be known that 1) this is a natural good with inherent inconsistencies and 2) these things were raised in the freaking wild 3) if you want it guaranteed perfect, we'll need to charge you for the full hide and let you do the cutting (serious).  

Oh, and to further belabor the point, if there are unavoidable abrasions or scars from insect bits (remember, they're wild), or run-ins from barbed wire, they'll be on the outer perimeter, which should be hidden underneath the seat anyway. 

Hand-Dyed Walnut Bison panels will take a little longer to ship since, well... dying them is a long and laborious process! 

Full Bison hides range from 16-18sf each. 

Tobacco Panels and Hides

Our Tobacco leather comes from farm raised cattle, and other than the occasional cattle brand (available upon request), these are about as clean as you could hope, free of the imperfections inherent to the wild bison. 

Of some note however, our Tobacco leather is higher in oil content than the Bison. And though our buddy who always rocks his Tobacco apron over a white oxford told us there's nothing to worry about, we ain't covering the cleaning bill if the ma-in-law gets a little tobacco love on her dress whites.  

Full Tobacco hides range from 20-22sf each and are thus priced higher than a full Bison hide. 

Blem Hides

On rare occasion, we run across a hide imperfect enough that we don't even cut into it. That doesn't mean the whole hide is a bust, just that there aren't any areas large and perfect enough to create a full apron panel. Make some moccasins, or hell...  just roll around in it. Totally up to you. 


Return policy on leather panels and hides

If you are not satisfied with your panel or hide, you can return it for a full refund or exchange within 30 days.  


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