The Roscolita - Limited Edition Handbag

The Roscolita - Limited Edition Handbag

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The Roscolita 

Like her big sister, The Roscoe... just smaller. 

About a third the size of our full-blast Roscoe, the Roscolita features a streamlined design for a quick trip to the store or a night out.

Lead times

Roscolita Handbags are currently 2-3 weeks out.  Additional color and hardware configurations are also available. Simply email if you're looking for something not listed below. 


Roscolitas are produced as a limited run just a few times per year. That said, if you don't mind a little wait, hit us with an email at if you need something not listed below. 

About the goods

Roscolitas are available in Mahogany or Black leather, featuring adjustable shoulder straps with a single interior pocket and finished with your choice of Vintagized Brass or Stainless Steel hardware. 

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