The Roscolita - Limited Edition Handbag

The Roscolita - Limited Edition Handbag

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The Roscolita 

Like her big sister, The Roscoe... just smaller. 

About a third the size of our full-blast Roscoe, the Roscolita features a streamlined design for a quick trip to the store or a night out.

About the goods

Roscolitas are available in a range of colors and feature adjustable or fixed shoulder straps with a single interior pocket and a quick-connect key-minder. Finished with Vintagized Brass hardware.

If you would like a different leather/hardware combo than those listed here, simply email and we'll whip that magic into reality. 

Comparative sizing

Roscoe - 6" x 11" x 12.5"
Roscolita - 9" x 4" x 9.5"
Marilita - 9" x 4" x 10.5"

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