The Silva Edition - Turner's Apron

The Silva Edition - Turner's Apron

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Please note: Turners Aprons take some time. Please expect a 4-5 week lead time. 

As for that apron...

It's official! The Turner's Edition shall henceforth be known as The Silva Edition. You know, since Tom pretty much designed this beauty. Seriously, does it get any better than that? 

And though we designed it with woodturners in mind, the stowable neck guard would no doubt provide some excellent added protection for a wide range of applications, from metalworking to power carving and many more.  

Head this way for a demo 


  • Stowaway Neck Guard
  • Wide Cut work apron
  • 4-Slot Upper Pocket
  • New! Updated X-Back Straps w/ Belt

The very basics

Neck Guard is designed to prevent chips and shavings from getting all up in your business.... you know, behind the apron, in your tshirt and everywhere else. We've designed it to snap to the shoulder straps during use and to stow away behind the top of the apron when not necessary for the task at hand (you know, other stuff besides turning or what have you). 

Apron Style/Cut

The Turners Edition comes standard in our All New Wide Cut, providing generous coverage around the sides to prevent errant flying whatnot from getting all up in your business.  As an example, the 30" apron features an additional 6 inches in wraparound coverage.  

Main Panel

Available in 4.5-5oz whole hide Classic Tobacco and Black Tobacco.

(Still working to determine if this design will work with our Bison leather)

Upper pocket + DTabs

4-slot chest pocket for pens, pencils, awls, etc.

Choose between sturdy Mahogany or Black Bridle leather.


Nickel or Vintagized Brass

Editors note: Rock the Brass, baby!

Length Options: Short version below.  

26" - 5'6" and below
28" - 5'7"-5'8"
30" - 5'9"-5'10"
32" - 5'11"-6'
34" - 6'1"-6'2"
36" - 6'3"-6'4"
38" - 6'5" and above
40" - For the really big kids

Long version over here

Pocket Options

Streamlined Plain Front: This is the classic Calavera style... no muss, no fuss. Still, all aprons come with upper pocket for pens, pencils, small rulers and such. 
Paolini Pocket: Generously sized, side-entry pouch design prevents dust and debris from collecting, without the need for flaps. If we were going to rock the pocket, this would be our choice. Named after Gregory Paolini, who is a fantastic woodworker and teacher, as well as one of our favorite human beings. 
Includes Y-back straps, combining the comfort of the harness style straps with a sturdy, adjustable belt for a perfect, secure fit. 


Tape Measure Clips and/or Towel Rings

Please add any desired Tape Clips or Towel Rings to your order. We will contact you via email to nail down positioning. 

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