The Maker Pouch

The Maker Pouch

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True Story... Calavera was originally founded as a toolbelt company. But then the aprons took off and here we are, eight years later, finally releasing our first ever full-blown tool pouch. 

To be clear, the idea was never to replace your big, bulky jobsite toolbelt. The goal was always to create a rugged, streamlined solution, tailored for installs and shop work.  

We've built this first iteration for versatility. While you can see for yourself all the gear we've jammed in there, you'll surely have your own ideas as to the essentials needed for your day's work. 


We're starting with a limited run of 20 pieces with a lead time of 3-4 weeks. 


Choose between our stiffer (and crazy durable) Mahogany or our softer (feels broken in) Hand Dyed Walnut Bison. 

Please note! 

Please be aware that this is a brand new product for us and there may be small improvements along the way. For instance, at the recommendation of the illustrious Gary Katz, we are stitching along the bottom of the bit holder section for improved longterm durability. Small detail, but we saw the opportunity for improvement and took it. Thanks!

Utility Belt

You can also choose to pair the tool pouch with our Quick Connect 2" Utility Belt or use it with your existing belt.

Personally, we think our Utility Belt will quickly become one of your favorite things that you never knew you needed. So much so that we're also offering the Utility Belt for sale as its own item. Just be sure to let us know your belt size.  


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