Pocket Design

After three years, much trial and error and a whole lot of field testing, we are pleased to present... pockets. Revolutionary, right? 

In all seriousness, our apron design is built around simplicity, with a strong preference for streamlined functionality over clutter and weight. So just slapping pockets on it (or worse, all over it), just wasn't an option. We're not outfitting Inspector Gadget here, after all. 

So yes, it took awhile, but we're extremely pleased with the outcome and think you will be as well. 

Pocket design varies slightly based on the apron style. Due to its softness and pliability, we strengthen all our Bison pockets with an extra hem before double stitching the perimeter. Because they are a little thicker and stiffer at the outset, pockets on the Tobacco and Mahogany are double-stiched flat. 

Available with or without flippy-flaps, depending on your tolerance for carrying around a little extra dust. Other than that, they're pretty straightforward, and plenty generous for a tape measure, some dominoes, fasteners, or whatever else have you.

Walnut Bison