Walnut Camo Special

Walnut Camo Special

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Though our standard hand-dyed Walnut Work Aprons are pretty special already, a choice few recently took on a whole new life of their own during the early stages of the dying process. And though I'd like to pretend that this was all intentional (because it really does look cool), I'm honestly not sure I could replicate the effect if I tried. So I've got maybe 3-4 of these, each a little different from the other, but all with those wild patterns... we'll just call it walnut camo for now. 

If you reaaaaally want the lower pockets, we'll make em happen, but... just think of all that awesomeness you'll be covering up.  

Editors note: What I've got of these is what I've got, so if you love it... better put a ring on it. 

Color: Deep Brown - Walnut (shades vary)

Hardware:  Nickel
Length Options:  30" (message me if you need something larger and I'll double check the measurements)

More on sizing over here

These Specials feature Y-Back Straps, combining the comfort of the harness style straps with a sturdy, adjustable belt for a perfect, secure fit. 

What you should expect 
At Calavera Tool Works, we take great pride in our work aprons, designed for those who work with their hands to make a living. They are, as some might say, a labor of love. And though great care goes into the handcrafting of each work apron, we will always err on the side of leaving a brand, blemish, scratch or other imperfection in the finished product rather than waste even a small amount of such a precious material. It is our belief that these aprons are meant to be used, and that these imperfections will enhance the character of what we expect to be one of your favorite investments ever.

But if for some reason you are in any way disappointed with the appearance or finish of your apron, we welcome you to return it for a full refund. We'll find it a good home, promise. 

A note on caring for your work apron
In the shop, we finish all our work aprons with Dr. Jackson's Conditioning Cream. A modest application will do good things to worn or dry areas. For hotter, dryer regions (or applications), we recommend modest doses of Fiebing's Aussie Leather Conditioner with Beeswax. Don't apply too much or things may get a little sticky.