Valet Tray - The Calavera MSE

Valet Tray - The Calavera MSE

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We're clearing the decks of the current style Valet Tray on the way to an even sweeter model. And if we run out of the old, hell... we'll just ship you one of the new ones. You won't mind, I'm sure of it. 

The Calavera Valet gives you a dedicated home base for all your Everyday Carry.  Empty those pockets when you walk through the door and eliminate the stress of the morning scramble. (let's call it the Calavera MSE, or Morning Scramble Eliminator... at least for now)

Made from the thickest cuts of our sturdy Mahogany leather with handstitched center accent... you know, for a little added sexy. And heavy duty tubular rivets on her corners. 

Dimensions: 5" x 8" x 1" 

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