The Calavera Facemask

The Calavera Facemask

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What we're making and why we're making it. 

If only to the smallest degree, our goal of producing facemasks is to reduce the strain on the supply chain normally meant for hospitals and first responders.  Though we have produced these to the highest of our capabilities, both from the standpoint of available materials and construction techniques, our facemasks do not carry any sort of designation, approval or other endorsement from any agency or governing body. 

In short, our facemasks are made from vacuum bag material that is itself part of a HEPA filtration system and then stitched with a whole lot of love and care by someone closely resembling your grandmother. But that does not mean that it is a HEPA filtering mask or that it will last you the rest of your life.  

Even shorter version... We're making the best product we can with the best materials we can get our hands on.

Caveat emptor, good people.  Use good judgment and stay safe. 

Your Options

The Calavera - The Calavera is built on our Standard design, while incorporating features that should result in a better fit across various sizes and shapes. An integrated aluminum strip forms to the nose for a tighter fit across the top. We've also sewn a dart underneath the chin for a better, snugger fit overall. The Calavera attaches around the ears via 1/4" elastic. 
Standard Facemask - Our Standard Facemask is made from all the high-quality materials referenced above and features 1/4" elastic for attachment around the ears. The Standard Facemask could best be qualified as a one-size-fits-all design. 

The Materials

The main panel is cut from a high-filtration vacuum bag. And though this is some seriously high-grade material here, the fit and resultant seal will be different for every single person, meaning that there is no way we can guarantee anything about anything.

We are using a mix of what elastic we can get our hands on. At present, we are using a 1/4" braided elastic. Colors vary. 

Very important note on the materials: 

Though the filter bag material may look like it has perforations, please rest assured that these are only on the outer layers of material. There is some really great filter material in between those two layers that does all the work.  So no, we're not selling you masks with holes in them.  

How they fit

All masks are designed as one-size-fits-all. They are a little looser on some, though we have found more than a few hacks to shorten the elastic for a better fit (knotting, crimping or otherwise pegging the elastic seems to work best). 

The Calavera facemask incorporates features that will enable a better fit, including an aluminum nose strip and a more form fitting design for under the chin. 


Yes, our masks costs more than you would pay for an N95 or other agency-approved mask. But to make this essential, yet extremely scarce piece of gear a reality, we're paying retail for the most expensive vacuum bag known to man. We're also putting cash into the pockets of about 20 folks who would otherwise be unemployed, which is nice.  

So, you'd like to help the cause...

We are working hard to get to a point where we can make donations of masks to those who either can't afford to buy or otherwise having trouble sourcing, but... we've still got to buy raw materials and pay the folks behind the machines. 

If you are of a mind to do such a thing, feel free to add a big box of Donate to your cart. Heck, we've got a virtually unlimited supply of Donate, so feel free to order as much as you'd like.  We'll allocate those funds to cover the cost of masks going to good homes, whether that means first responders, medical staff or low-income high-risk individuals.