The Calavera Belt - Get it on.

The Calavera Belt - Get it on.

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Between now and October 1, we're knocking a solid $10 off each belt. A little intro pricing, if you're cool with that sort of thing.  

Timing - Pre-ordered belts expected to ship by Sep 1, maybe sooner. 

We took our sweet time and no small amount of care in designing the Calavera Belt, testing out more than a few different styles of leather in various thicknesses, searching out just the right buckles and hardware and then field testing the hell out of them. 

Built from the same heavy duty bridle leather as our work apron straps, but several times thicker in order to avoid the stretching/bending around the back that is inherent to most belts. And though this belt is so overbuilt it just might just outlast you, it's made from a leather soft enough to break in quickly for a super comfortable fit.  

Belts are 1.5" wide and made from 12-13" oz leather (roughly 1/4" thick).   

Buckle Options

Each belt will be custom-assembled and shipped with your choice of a classic antique brass, bar-style buckle or a more vintage-feel, pin-only design in antique brass or nickel finish. See pics for options. 

For the coolest among you, we've designed our belts to easily accommodate that sweet vintage buckle in your top drawer. Simply unfasten/fasten a pair of Chicago screws to swap in your favorite buckle. 


Belts are sized in 2" increments, from a 25-26" for the small-waisted among you, all the way up to a 59-60" for the big folks. Not likely that we'll keep every single size in inventory all the time, so those on the bigger end might take a few extra days to pull together. 

Determining Belt Size - Super Important! 

Follow the steps below to determine your actual belt size. Enter the results into the boxes above so we can use as cross reference during production. Of note, you still need to select your belt size. (getting all that to sync is a little more interweb than I can handle)

Step 1 - Grab your old belt

  1. Find an old belt
  2. Put aforementioned belt around your waist and note your preferred hole for pin/bar placement
  3. Take the belt off and lay it on a flat surface for measuring.
  4. Measure from the inside of the buckle to the previously noted hole (see pic)

Step 2... Just in case.

  1. Find a tape measure.
  2. Wrap it around your waist.
  3. Find yourself shocked upon learning your actual waist size.
  4. Provide us with said detail. 

step 3 - Pick a size 

We're using some time-tested math to get you just the right belt size, so it'd be best for all involved if you pick a size that matches up to the dimensions referenced above. 

And no, your pants size won't work. It's not even worth asking, because, well... math.