Super Secret Menu

Super Secret Menu

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Though we like to hew closely to our standard designs, here's where we can make a few special off-menu items a reality. 

If you are ordering a custom branding plate, please email artwork to as a pdf, jpeg or vector file. 

Custom Branding Plate Send your logo to (vector file preferred!) and we'll have a plate made to emboss your apron or anything else we make. We'll keep it safe at hand so you can add custom pieces to your collection whenever the need presents. 

Personalization Yeah, we can do that for you. Just keep that one on the down low! Limit 15 characters.

Dust Remote D-Ring This can go just about anywhere, but the two best places we've found are just under the main pocket beneath the logo or attached to the tab near one of the upper d-rings. 

Split Leg or Samurai Style We've only done a few of these, so some discussion would be required, but... this really would be a great feature. This would also add ~6" to the length of the apron so we actually have something to split. 

Extra Length Sure, we can add an extra 6" down low for the coverage desiring among you. 

Contrasting Thread This one's pretty straightforward. Pick your favorite color and we'll make it happen. And if you need something other than what's listed below, just drop us a note at