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All journals are in stock and well, ready to rock. 

Capture your thoughts in style with this leather wrapped notebook featuring your choice of the same hard-wearing leather as our Mahogany aprons or the same heavy duty bridle leather as our apron straps.

And once you've loaded up its 2 removable inserts, simply pull them out and replace with a couple of spares, available right here. (seriously, you're going to fill this thing up, so don't forget the spares)

Each journal includes 2 pre-loaded, lined inserts of 30 sheets (60 pages) each.


Small - 4" x 6" with 3.5" x 5.5" inserts

Large - 6.5" x 9" with 5" x 8.3" (A5) inserts

Leather Options

Journals are available in medium weight (4-5oz) and heavy weight (7-8oz), the same hard wearing leather used across our apron line. 

Plus, we've added quite a few color options so you can rock whichever suits your style. 

Elastic Cord

Lots of color options here too.  


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