Wraparound Shop Journal

Wraparound Shop Journal

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The Wraparound Shop Journal 

We took our classic shop journal to a whole new wrappable, snappable level. Even includes a spot to stow your favorite writing implement. 

Each journal features a pair of removable 60-page inserts. Simply pull them out and replace with a couple of spares, available right here. (seriously, you're going to fill this thing up, so don't forget the spares)


Overall size - 4" x 6"

Inserts-  3.5" x 5.5" inserts

Leather Options

Journals are available in the same medium weight (6-7oz) hard-wearing Mahogany leather used across our apron line. 


Available in Nickel or Brass

Elastic Cord

Lots of color options here too (elastic holds the paper inserts in place in case you were wondering).


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