Lower Pocket Styles - A Primer

Lower Pocket Styles - A Primer

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There's always a lot of talk about pockets... yet, somehow never enough talk about pockets. It really does come down to you, the user. How do you plan to use them? Do you like to carry a bunch of gear with you at every step? Or like me, do you prefer to keep things streamlined? 

So here's a page (and gallery) dedicated to helping you sort through your options. As always, hit us with an email (info@calaveratool.com) if you still have questions! 

Streamlined Plain Front: This is the classic Calavera style... no muss, no fuss. Still, all aprons come with a standard-issue upper pocket for pens, pencils, small rulers and such. 

Lower Pocket (with or without flap): A traditional rectangular pocket style that hews tight to the main apron panel to prevent accumulation of dust and debris, with or without the inclusion of the optional upper flap. 
Paolini Pocket: Generously sized, side-entry pouch design prevents dust and debris from collecting, without the need for flaps. If we were going to rock the pocket, this would be our choice. Named after Gregory Paolini, a fantastic woodworker, teacher and friend. Basically one of our favorite human beings. 
The Double Stacked Pocket
This can be added as a second layer to either the Standard or Paolini Pocket for some bonus storage of smaller items... think chalk, pocketknife, etc. Runs the width of the pocket and around 4" deep.