Triple Nickel Coasters

Triple Nickel Coasters

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Update: Now sold in sets of 5

Beer, water, coke or whatever have you. These beverage management discs are right on time. 

Perfect for the house, man cave and yes, the shop.  You know, to keep all that cast iron from rusting (admit it, you've got as many circles on your machines as I do). 

Made from the heaviest bridle leather we have lying around (minimum 12-13oz, the same hides we use for our Triple Nickel Belts) these babies will most assuredly outlast you... maybe even your great grandkids. So consider them an investment... a veritable family heirloom.

Available in 4-packs and 8-Packs (the latter is the same as the former... but you get two of em).   

Why Triple Nickel? 

Our Triple Nickel Belts (and coasters) are thick. How thick, you ask? Three nickels thick. And now you know. 

Bulk Orders

What's more, if you really love em, you can order a huge pile of them at a discount. We'll even put your brand on them for an extra $50 (100 PfOB minimum). 

Email for more info on bulk orders or customization.