Bison - Pure Awesome

Bison - Pure Awesome

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Magic is real. I just found a few more Bison roaming around on the lower 40.

If you do happen to see something available here.... 

Of some note, what I've got left is what I've got left, and since I had to dig deep into my last few Bison hides to make em happen, you should know upfront that these will more than likely exhibit a fair amount of character, including barbed wire gashes, nicks from the butchering process and all manner of other things that might befall a wild animal with a hide that's half the size of a normal cow. 

Rest assured that I would never ship anything that's going to wear through, fail, or  otherwise not last you forever. But sill... lots of character. 


In a word, the ultra-soft yet incredibly durable American Bison work apron is, well... glorious. In terms of color, these aprons will range from a warm sand, almost khaki appearance to a slightly more buttery color... imagine the sawdust under your table after cutting a piece of yellow pine. 

These wild buffalo hides come to us with more holes, abrasions and barbed-wire scars than all the others combined, so we're pretty lucky to get 2 clean aprons out of a full hide (compared to 3-4 for the others). Some are lighter, some are darker, some feature the hide's original brand (those are our favorites), and most will have at least a few scars due to their wild origin. They're still amazing... we just want to be sure you know what you're getting. 

Color: Warm Sand (shades vary)
Hardware: Nickel
Length Options:
 26", 28", 30", 32" 
More on sizing over here

Strap options: 

  • X-Back: For an incredibly comfortable fit, choose these adjustable 1" harness-style straps with quick-release. 
  • Y-Back: Combines the comfort of the X-Back straps with a sturdy, adjustable belt for a perfect, secure fit. 

Tape Measure Clips and/or Towel Rings

Apron w/ Plain Front - See gallery for options
Apron w/ Standard Pocket - Upper positioning matches gallery. Lower positioning will go to the lower front of the pocket. 
Apron w/ Paolini Pocket - Upper positioning will be on the front of the pocket, near the top. Lower positioning will be on the front of the pocket. See gallery for visual.


And if all that is way too confusing, just drop an email to and we'll walk you through it. 

A note on caring for your work apron:

In the shop, we finish all our work aprons with Dr. Jackson's Conditioning Cream. A modest application will do good things to worn or dry areas. For hotter, dryer regions (or applications), we recommend modest doses (very modest doses on the Bison) of Fiebing's Aussie Leather Conditioner with Beeswax. Don't apply too much or things will get sticky.