Pocket Styles and Definitions

Sometimes we take for granted that everyone just naturally understands how and why we name our products and features. And of course it's not that simple. So here's a stab at demystifying some of our key elements. 

Upper Pockets

The Classic Pocket - Same tried and true design as the day we started making these sexy beasts. Open back pocket for a notepad, phone or what have you, with slots upfront for pens, pencils, a ruler, or other small essentials. If it ain't broke, as they say... 

The Turner's Pocket (aka Silva Pocket) - Super-streamlined design provides easy access to pens, pencils or other measuring/marking tools while preventing the buildup or collection of dust and debris.

The Kenney Pocket - Simple and functional single pocket, designed for the very basics. 

Lower Pockets

Paolini Side Entry Pocket - Our most popular option by far, the Paolini Pocket gives you plenty of room to stash your stuff, while preventing the accumulation of dust with its side entry design. 

Standard Lower Pocket - Rectangular pocket divided into two generously-sized compartments. Available with or without flap for dust deflection. 

The Double Pocket - The Double Pocket is an add-on that gives you an extra pair of small compartments on the front of the Paolini Pocket or Standard Pocket. Double Pockets require the selection of either the Paolini or Standard Pockets. Otherwise we'd just call em Single Pockets. 

Notes on Tape Clip and Towel Ring Placement

Wide Cut Aprons 

Since Wide Cut Aprons offer a bit more space, we generally place Tape Clips and Towel Rings off to the left or right of the lower pockets, pushing them back towards the side of the wearer and out of the way. 

Standard Cut Aprons

There are 4 options for Tape Clip and/or Towel Ring placement on Standard Cut Aprons... Upper and Lower, Right and Left.

If a Paolini Pocket is selected, Tape Clips and Towel Rings will generally be positioned on top (or front) of the actual pocket due to space limitations. 

For a Standard Pocket (rectangular), Tape Clips and Towel Rings in the upper positions will be above the pocket. If the lower positions are chosen, they will be placed on the front of the pocket.