Giveaway Results!

Who's the big winner, you ask? Well, Thomas Holmes of Branch and Burl is the big winner, and he's taking home a pile of awesome heretofore unseen by human eyes. 

And since we like to spread that love around, these folks took home a little bonus awesome: 

  • Folly River Designs - $50 Calavera gift card
  • Lia Parker - Parker Place Woodwork - $50 Calavera gift card 
  • Justin Tortorich - Torch Makes Things - $50 Calavera gift card 
  • E. Dickson - Dickson Woodcraft - $50 Calavera gift card 
  • Gerry Hajduk - Hajduk Creations - $50 Calavera gift card 
  • Marla Painter - Kutzall Shop Journal + Titebond  - $50 Calavera gift card 

And as a refresher, here's that big fat stack headed to the extremely fortunate Mr. Holmes:

  • Calavera Walnut Camo Work Apron
  • Custom Walnut + Brass Mallet by Cunningham Wood Work
  • Ely Cowboy Shirt + Calavera Lid 
  • Bessey K-Body Clamp Set x 4
  • IFIXIT Monster Business Toolkit
  • $100+ pile of adhesive awesomeness from Titebond 
  • Allegiance Flag Supply 3x5’ American Flag
  • $250 Gift Card from Wall Control
  • $200 Gift Certificate for MAS Epoxy
  • Assorted awesomeness from Kutzall