Shop Journal - Gatornado Edition

Shop Journal - Gatornado Edition

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I maybe might possibly could have enough for a couple more Gatornado Journals. And that's it. But they're so damned awesome... get one if you need one. But you might better hustle. 


Each journal features a pair of removable inserts. Once filled, simply pull them out and replace with a couple of spares, available right here. (seriously, you're going to fill this thing up, so don't forget the spares)


Small Journals - 4" x 6" with 3.5" x 5.5" inserts
Large Journals - 6.5" x 9" with 5" x 8.3" (A5) inserts


Full blown Gator hide. That's what we're talking about right here. Not particularly refined, this hide.... but that rawness only adds to the magic. Heck, I might have to handstitch a couple errant holes closed. But that'll be your favorite part to show off.  



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