Pre-Cut Strapping

Pre-Cut Strapping

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Want us to cut down some straps to save you the trouble (and yes, it's more work than you think)? We totally got you covered.  

Pricing is based on a bundle of 25 straps. 

Standard sizes: 

1/4" x 16" 
1/2" x 16"
1" x 16"
If you have need of a special size, just drop a note to and we'll make it happen. 


Brown Bridle - 7.5-8oz leather. Dark brown. This is the same heavy duty stuff we use for our apron strapping.  
Tobacco - 4.5-5.5oz leather. Medium brown, shades vary. 
Black Tobacco  5-5.5oz leather. Jet Black.  
Light Bison - 4-5.5oz leather. Lighter in color... think pine or maple sawdust. 
Walnut Bison - 4-5.5oz leather. Dark. Think Eddie Murphy's band name in Coming to America. Same as all those hand-dyed walnut bison aprons you're so in love with. 
Black Bison4-5.5oz leather. Black, shades vary. 



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