Dogger Neck Belts

Dogger Neck Belts

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John Henry approved Neck Belts and Leads, produced for you exclusively by the Williams kids (I like to think of it as their extra curricular education in the ways of small business). 

Neck Belts (some folks call them collars)

Durable 8-9oz 1" bridle leather is custom cut and punched to your canine's neck measurement. Finished with heavy-duty Vintagized Brass or Stainless Steel hardware, including buckle and d-ring for lead attachment.  


Choose from our patented Vintagized Brass or Stainless Steel. 


Currently available in 1" width only.

For reference, John Henry (~75lbs) rocks a size 18" Neck Belt in a 1" width. 


To determine proper sizing, use a flexible tape, string, wet noodle, or whatever have you to measure the circumference of your pup's neck. No math necessary... Point A to Point A. Need it in inches, please and thanks. 

If all that sounds too challenging, just measure from the end of the buckle on his/her current collar to the preferred hole at the other end. 

And not to worry... though Mary Katherine (that's my Boozie) will cut and punch each of these to your dogger's specific measurements, there are enough holes in either direction to handle a little overage/underage.   

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