The Desk Apron - Some folks call it a Mousepad

The Desk Apron - Some folks call it a Mousepad

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Mousepad doesn't quite do such a beautiful piece of leather justice, so we're calling them Desk Aprons (Cow Paddy was a close second).

I've personally used one for the past two years and it's only gotten better with time. Looks great and works just as one might expect a fancy leather mousepad to work. 


Standard - 8-3/4" x 10-1/4"


Mahogany - Sturdy 6-7oz will patina to perfection 

Natural - Sturdy 6-7oz starts out light, patinas with every use 

Colors - Bold and sturdy 5-6oz Buttero leather will definitely stand out

Bridle - Heavyweight 9/10oz leather makes you feel like the boss that you are


Of course we can customize this (and most other things). For quantities up to 20, there is a one time setup charge of $75. For higher quantities, the setup charge is waived. Contact with your logo or for additional bulk pricing options.