The Lowrider

The Lowrider

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When it comes to new products, I think in terms of singles, doubles, triples, etc. And that Lowrider, that's a home run if we've ever hit one. 

Truly, I'm just in love with the design. As well I should be, since a good 3 years passed between the first prototype and its release just a few weeks ago. 

So let's lay out a few of the reasons I think we crushed it with this one: 

  • Lightweight and comfortable. The Lowrider gets the job done while beating the heat. 
  • Heavy duty from start to finish. There's even a Triple Nickel holding it all up. 
  • Options. Choose the leather, pockets, width/length and add-ons that fit your particular needs. 
  • Simple and streamlined, but plenty of room for what you need when you need it. 
  • Time tested design. We took a classic nail apron and added some Calavera Magic. 
  • Critical layer of protection. It may be half an apron, but it's covering the most important parts, if you get my drift.  

Notes on Sizing

What you see here is our best stab at sizing. If you have an idea for alternate dimensions, feel free to drop us a note and we'll work through the details. 

Cobra Quick-Connect Belt

Our sturdy 2" nylon webbing paired with the Cobra Quick-Connect Belt is such a perfect fit for the Lowrider, we've made it standard equipment. Seriously, once you get ahold of that buckle, you'll know exactly what we mean. 

Tape Clip and Towel Ring Placement

On the Small and Medium sizes, add-ons such as Tape Clips and Towel Rings will automatically be placed on the pocket fronts. On Large and X-Large versions, there's a bit more real estate around the sides, allowing for off-pocket placement. 

Main Panel: Chrome-tanned, oil-finished Tobacco or our ultra-soft-broken-in-out-of-the-gate Walnut Bison. 

Thickness: 4.5-5oz whole hide leather 

    A note on oil-finished leather

    This leather starts out extremely soft, with an immediate broken-in feel and fit. Please be aware that oil-finished leather has the potential to stain light colored clothing due to it's varying, but high content of, well... oil. 

    A note on caring for your work apron

    In the shop, we finish all our work aprons with Dr. Jackson's Conditioning Cream. A modest application will do good things to worn or dry areas. For hotter, dryer regions (or applications), we recommend modest doses of Fiebing's Aussie Leather Conditioner with Beeswax. Don't apply too much or it'll get a little sticky.


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