The Low Rider Waist Apron - All New!

The Low Rider Waist Apron - All New!

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Alright, good people. The time for the Calavera Waist Apron, tentatively referred to as the Low Rider, is here. 

The Design

A simple, streamlined design meant to offer protection while keeping critical supplies at hand for easy access, featuring many of the same options as our full size aprons. 

Notes on Sizing

What you see here is our first stab at sizing. If you have an idea for alternate dimensions, feel free to drop us a note and we'll work through the details. 

Tape Clip and Towel Ring Placement

On the Small and Medium sizes, add-ons such as Tape Clips and Towel Rings will automatically be placed on the pocket fronts. On Large and X-Large versions, there's a bit more real estate around the sides, allowing for off-pocket placement.