Hell or High Water - Calavera Edition

Gonna keep this short since I really need to get back to de-rusting my sewing machines, but here's the gist of it. 

Walked in Monday morning coming off a great weekend. Opened the door to the shop, welcomed not by the delicious smell of leather, but to the musty smell of, well... wet stuff that had been sitting in a closed shop over the weekend.

Turns out the washing machine I saw my upstairs neighbors carting in on Friday got installed... badly. Apparently, he put the output hose not into the hole that directs water outside, but into the hole that directs water into my ceiling. And then proceeded to do enough laundry to cover the Fifth Regiment. 

So yeah, though it could have certainly been worse, roughly 1/3 of the shop was completely soaked, including my sewing machines, numerous finished handbags, a large pile of freshly made belts and worst... nearly 200 apron panels. 

But here's the thing... no one was hurt and it certainly wasn't intentional. We all make mistakes. We will work with them and hopefully have it all worked out within a few more days so we can all move forward. In a few years, this will be a distant memory. 

And Calavera? Oh, we're fine. But knowing that we're going to be busy cleaning up for the next couple weeks, we figure a little blowout sale might take a little pressure off on the sales front. 

Not least, the support we have received from customers and dedicated members of what we like to call Team Calavera has been nothing short of mind-blowing. Has given me a whole other level of appreciation for our friends, customers and the community we are fortunate enough to serve. 

Thanks again to all who have reached out and supported our small business already. Marie and I cannot begin to express our gratitude. 

Head over to our Instagram for videos of the recovery process!