Customer Spotlight - Tekton Game Calls

This is my buddy Joey, of Tekton Game Calls fame. He can turn a call and bring in the ducks. 

A tremendous supporter of the business since we made it back to Charleston, this guy is equal parts heart and talent. When he's not turning game calls in his shop, he's way up in Canada or deep in Arkansas teaching folks how to lure the birds and shoot a straight line. Honored to have him on Team Calavera. 

Oh, and did you know... Tekton is the greek word that was used to describe Joseph and Jesus in the bible. It translates as artisan or craftsman. From everything I know about Joey, I'd say this is just about perfect. 

Need a game call? Head this way to check out all the wholesome goodness Tekton has to offer! 

Oh yeah, and he doesn't go anywhere without his Riddering Walnut Bison Work Apron. Heck, I wouldn't be surprised if he's rocking it in the duck blind. 

Big shoutout to Justin Hodge for the excellent photography!