5# Gear Bag Review - THISisCarpentry.com

Check out the excellent writeup from our amigos over at Toolbelt Productions and THISisCarpentry.com!

Funny part of this is... the author of the piece, Greg Burnet, was actually one of our very first online customers (so yeah, he paid for the goods!). And though I've counted Greg as a friend for many years, I'm pretty sure he had no idea at the time who was behind Calavera Tool Works. Makes the excellent review that much better! 


Calavera 5# Gear Bags


I have organizational envy. When it comes to a well thought out shop, trailer, jobsite or truck, I’m easily impressed. Even though (or perhaps because) I’m usually somewhat disorganized by nature, over the years I’ve tried to spend extra time and attention attempting to overcome this shortcoming as it relates to my business. I’ve tested many organizational systems for tools, hardware, and fasteners. I’ve built out shelving, racking, and storage areas in my shops and on some of my jobs. I’ve gone so far as to build out entire trucks and trailers in an effort to become better organized and more efficient. I’ve even written about my quest for organization, hoping to share some of what I’ve learned with other organizationally-challenged folks. (You’ll find some of those articles on Tools of the Trade and JLC Online; here’s one I wrote on Modular Tool Organizers, which might be an interesting compliment to this article.)

So it was only natural that I was curious when I stumbled upon a new organizational offering from a new company–5# Gear Bags from Calavera Tool Works.

Head this way too read the rest of Greg's writeup... Or head this way to get yourself some gear!