Ukraine Relief Effort - Gatornado Raffle!

Ukraine Relief Effort - Gatornado Raffle!

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Who's the big winner, you ask? 

While I wish I had enough to go around, our Ukraine Relief Raffle has tilted in the direction of a certain Mr. Charles Sheron! You just scored yourself one of our prized Gatornado Work Aprons, that sweet Ukraine inspired CatchAll and a 3'x5' American Flag from our good friends at Allegiance Flag Supply. Congrats, Charles! 

And thanks not only to all those who purchased tickets, but to all those who made generous donations outright! There's a reason we call you good people, good people. 

A check for $5314 will be cut and sent this week to the Red Cross of Ukraine. Not bad considering our original goal of $1500. 

Thanks again for all the support, folks!