Limited Edition Calavera Handbag - The Roscoe

Limited Edition Calavera Handbag - The Roscoe

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The Roscoe Handbag 

We are currently producing a limited run.  And though we can't exactly get you one by Mother's Day at this point, we will turn your Roscoe around as soon as we can and get it headed your way.

But not for much longer, mind you... The Roscoe will go back into hibernation here promptly. 

The Roscoe - About that name...

Roscoe is the longheld alias of my sweet little Rose Marie, who wakes me nearly every morning with a steamroller, then begs to snuggle until the alarm's on its last leg. She's full of spark, smart beyond her years, and wildly creative.

Of my four, she's the one most often found at the shop, mallet in hand, brainstorming through her latest creation. And well, it seemed fitting to name such a strong and beautiful entry as this after my excellent little girl. 

About the goods

A sleek black bag of awesome. Sturdy 5.5oz leather with adjustable straps and your choice of Vintagized Brass or Stainless Steel hardware. 

Streamlined and spacious, she features two interior pockets and a nice scissor snap clip for car keys or whatever have you. 

Body -  8" x 12" x 13" (width x length x depth)
Interior pockets (x2) -  5.5" x 7.5" 
And one last thing...
Please... Please... with sugar on top. No custom requests.  Seriously, the only way we can squeeze these babies in with all the other crazy we've got cooking is to keep a lid on the design. Doesn't mean we don't love you. Just that every little change adds a disproportionate amount of work! 

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