Remnant Leather

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I've got piles of this excellent leather folks, in all shapes and sizes. And as long as you promise not to adulterate or otherwise compromise that fine apron you just purchased, I'd love to ship some of it your way.  

All remnant leather is organized by scrap size and sold by the pound, but since we're inclined to underpromise and overdeliver, you're likely to get more than you ordered and in bigger sizes.

Also, though we do our level best to sort out anything that is too oddly shaped or stretchy for good use... all sales on remnant leather are final. No take backs, baby. 

Finally, and please don't take this the wrong way, but... since we need to be in the business of selling aprons and not scrap leather, our time and effort in this area is going to be extremely limited. In other words, please, please... with sugar on top... no special requests. 

Here's what's in store: 

Tobacco - We've got more of this chrome-tanned, oil-finished cow leather than you can shake a stick at, from very small to pretty darn big (3-4sf). Thickness ranges from 3.5oz to 5oz.  

Bison - Remnants of our sawdust-colored American Bison are available in a wide range of sizes. Thickness comes in right at 3.5-4oz. This stuff is pure luxury. 

Mahogany - We've got very little of this beefy (see what I did there?) veg-tanned leather to go around, but we do occasionally have some very small scraps. Thickness is generally around 3.5-4oz. 

Walnut Bison - Sorry, but this is in short supply. If that changes, we'll update the site accordingly. 

Bridle - This is the same we use for our strapping, though we mill those down to thickness so any remnants will be considerably thicker, closer to 8/9oz up to 12/13. Beefy!