Multi-Purpose Bar Set

Multi-Purpose Bar Set

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CAU508, CAU110

Versatile Multi-Purpose Bar Sets help keep your gear right at hand or totally out of the way, at the edge of your work table or on the wall. Profile adapts directly to the Calavera Base Bracket or MFT work table. After all, it's called a workbench, not a storage bench.

Oh, and we included a channel underneath for storing those hard-to-find-a-home-for screw clamps and quick clamps. Clever, right? 


  • Multi-Purpose Bar
  • 9" Gear Hitch (2x for 19" and 1x for 10")
  • Locknob


  • Go where the work takes you with the Multi-Purpose Bar + Gear Hitches 
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee - We've got you covered
  • 1-Year Guarantee on Materials and Workmanship
  • Made in the USA
  • 2.75lbs for 19"
  • 1.5lbs for 10"