Calavera Field Bags

Calavera Field Bags

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What's a Calavera Field Bag?

We designed these near-indestructible bags for the unrelenting abuse of the NFL sidelines. Take them camping, on the boat, on the worksite or for whatever weekend magic you've got cooking. Because really, sometimes you just need to jam a bunch of stuff in a bag and get moving. 

In short, think of the Calavera Field Bag like a 5-gal bucket you can stuff underneath the seat of your truck. But in 5 different sizes. 

Some details

  • Features clear and concealed pockets for the small, need to get to gear like wallets, keys and phone. 
  • Built for your most serious abuse, featuring a heavy gauge vinyl body with ballistic nylon base.  
  • Water-resistant design with drawstring closure to keep the elements at bay. 


Available in 1, 2, 4, 5 and 8 gallon options. 

Available in Black, Blue and limited quantities of Orange. 

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