Tobacco & Olive - The Ferguson

Tobacco & Olive - The Ferguson

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Sad day, good people... The Ferguson is officially Sold Out!! 

Tobacco & Olive - The Ferguson Edition

I wanted to cook up something special for my buddy Josh Ferguson and I feel pretty good that we nailed it. Though subtle, the Olive accents bring some fresh contrast to our best-selling Tobacco. Add in some of our Vintagized Brass and one might wonder how we didn't make this baby from the start. 

Limited quantity available. We've got enough Olive for just a handful of these girls. In other words, you'd best hustle if you desire some of this awesome. 

Now, about that apron...

We've taken a fresh round of that gorgeous, feels-broken-in-out-of-the-gate bison and figured out how to make it even awesomer with our patented hand-dying technique. It seems we can't make these fast enough though, so get on the list now if you want it soon! 


Tobacco main panel is complimented by the subtle stylings of some really nice oil-finished Olive accents, including upper back pocket and lower pockets, as selected. Mahogany D-tabs. 

Main Panel: Chrome-tanned, oil-finished Tobacco
Thickness: 4-4.5oz whole hide leather 
Front pocket: Veg-tanned Mahogany
Back Pocket: Chrome-tanned, oil-finished Olive
D-tabs: Mahogany
Straps: Mahogany

Hardware: Vintage Brass (it just wouldn't be the Ferguson without that brass!)

Length Options: Short version below. 

26" - 5'6" and below
28" - 5'7"-5'8"
30" - 5'9"-5'10"
32" - 5'11"-6'
34" - 6'1"-6'2"
36" - 6'3"-6'4"
38" - 6'5"-6'7"
40" - The biggest and/or tallest among you 

Long version over here 

Pocket Options: 

Streamlined Plain Front: This is the classic Calavera style... no muss, no fuss. Still, all our aprons come with a standard-issue upper pocket for pens, pencils, small rulers and such. 
Lower Pocket (with or without flap): A traditional rectangular pocket style that hews tight to the main apron panel to prevent accumulation of dust and debris, with or without the inclusion of the optional upper flap. 
Paolini Pocket: Generously sized, side-entry pouch design prevents dust and debris from collecting, without the need for flaps. If we were going to rock the pocket, this would be our choice. Named after Gregory Paolini, who is a fantastic woodworker and teacher, as well as one of our favorite human beings. 


Strap options: 

  • X-Back: For an incredibly comfortable fit, choose the adjustable 1" harness-style straps with quick-release. 
  • Y-Back: Combines the comfort of the harness style straps with a sturdy, adjustable belt for a perfect, secure fit. We strongly endorse the Y-Back. 


Tape Measure Clips and/or Towel Rings

Apron w/ Plain Front - See gallery for options
Apron w/ Standard Pocket - Upper positioning matches gallery. Lower positioning will go to the lower front of the pocket. 

Apron w/ Paolini Pocket - Upper positioning will be on the front of the pocket, near the top. Lower positioning will be on the front of the pocket. See gallery for visual. 

And if all that is way too confusing, just drop an email to and we'll walk you through it. 


A note on caring for your work apron:

In the shop, we finish all our work aprons with Dr. Jackson's Conditioning Cream. A modest application will do good things to worn or dry areas. For hotter, dryer regions (or applications), we recommend modest doses of Fiebing's Aussie Leather Conditioner with Beeswax. Don't apply too much or it'll get a little sticky.



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