Calavera T-Shirt

Calavera T-Shirt

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Status: Currently low on stock (folks really love these t-shirts), but we just placed a fresh order and should be full up again in another week or two.

If you want to be part of the cool kids club, you're gonna need one of these babies, baby. Limited quantities across the board, but we'll be restocking on the regular from here on so don't you fret if you have to wait on the reorder.

52% Cotton + 48% Polyester = 100% Awesomely comfortable

Just like everything else, we ached and moaned over these forever to be certain we had everyone's new favorite t-shirt in the house. Early reviews tell us we got it just right. 

Based on personal experience, I'd say they qualify as a slim, or athletic fit. In other words, they run a little on the small side.