1000 Mask Raffle!

1000 Mask Raffle!

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Alas, if your name is not David Wunderink, then you were not selected as the winner of the 2000 Mask Raffle last night. But if you are Mr. Wunderink, then a hearty congratulations to you, my friend! 

And you know who else is happy, or about to be? The folks who will be getting those 2000 donated masks, that's who. 

Thanks to all who participated! The raffle was a smashing success and literally doubled the goal we had set. Now we better get to making some more facemasks! 

Here's all the goodness headed Mr. Wunderink's way: (Thanks again to all our sponsors!)

  • Fully loaded Black Betty + Yellow (winner's choice of size, pockets, etc.)
  • Calavera Bridle Journal, Business Card Wallet, Keychain + TShirt 
  • 5-Pack Calavera Facemasks
  • $100 Titebond Gift Certificate
  • $100 Wall Control Gift Certificate 
  • 2 x Kutzall Shaping Discs 
  • 2 x Bessey KliKlamps + 2 x Bessey GearKlamps
  • 4-Pack Seneca Stowaway Dogs
  • DFM + Calavera Pocket Square + Card Scraper
  • Beach & Barn Lid
  • Annie's Woodworks Cutting Board 
  • Odie's Oil 2-Pack 
  • WRK Gear Performance Longsleeve T
  • Burls & Steel Charcuterie Knife 
  • Quickstop Quick Cleanup and Decon Wipes

Editors note 1:  If you desire to purchase some of this fine PPE, head this way

Editors note 2:  If you know of a group or cause in need of facemasks, email michael@calaveratool.com. No guarantees, but we'll add em to the list and do our best to help em out. 

You can still support the cause.

If you are of a mind to do such a thing, feel free to add a big box of Donate to your cart. Heck, we've got a virtually unlimited supply of Donate, so feel free to order as much as you'd like. We'll make more. 

Finally, so we're all clear...

Our goal is to use our expertise in design, supply chain and production management in service to the community. All monies generated by the raffle or otherwise donated will be used to fund the production and distribution of facemasks. Simple as that.