Together with our friends from Titebond (plus a few others) we're hosting a little Meetup this coming Tuesday, June 4 at the Three Legged Mare in beautiful downtown Columbus, Ohio.

But it wouldn't be much of a party without cool people, so we hope you'll join us for the good times. So scroll down now and RSVP already so we can properly facilitate the good times.  

Now for the Free Gear: 

First fifty to RSVP will be greeted with a Bessey KliKlamp, OLFA Cutter and a freshly minted bottle of Titebond... maybe more. Plus, we'll pull from a big stack of KutzallDFM Tool Works and Seneca Woodworking for drawings over the course of the evening. 

The Where and When:

Tuesday, June 4th
6-10pm (or later)
Three Legged Mare
401 N Front St #150
Columbus, OH 43215

Food and Drink: 

A very generous selection of appetizers/snacks will be provided, but beverages are on you.

Don't forget about that heads up...

Again, since I'll be hauling the party favors all the way from South Carolina, we could use a little heads up on who's gonna make it. So do us a favor... please, with sugar on top... RSVP below and let us know you'll be joining in the good times. 


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