Midwest Meetup!

With no small amount of regret, Loran and I have decided to postpone tomorrow night's meetup in Indy. 
Short version: The Covid Delta variant is raging around the country right now. Putting a bunch of people we care about into a packed space, not knowing who is and is not vaccinated, feels like the height of irresponsibility, not to mention hypocrisy. 
Longer version: I just found out fifteen minutes ago that my old man, who is himself vaccinated and also badly immuno compromised due to recent cancer, has this stupid damn virus. Though our family has taken great precautions to keep it away from him (I made 30k masks for god's sake!), there are simply too many people who are not taking it seriously at all. 
Get vaccinated, friends. This thing ain't going away on its own. 

The basics: 
Bohall Furniture Design Workshop
Circle City Industrial Complex
1125 E Brookside Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46202

We'll get things rolling around 6:30pm. Good times guaranteed. 
Important stuff: 
  • There will be large pile of giveaways. 
  • There will be adult beverages, snacks and even the possibility of a food truck at this party. Details still being worked out.
    That said, anyone looking to add to the good times is more than welcome to contribute, whether tools, gear, food, or whatever have you. No need to even ask... just bring it on!

    Sidenote: We're not requiring masks and no one is gonna ask for your vaccine card. It's a big, well ventilated space so we feel pretty good about it. Still, if you got the sniffles, please plan to catch us the next time we're in town.