#100kNext GIVEAWAY


Thanks to a lot of love from around the community, we've got more loot than can possibly be contained within the confines of a single day. So we're about to fire up the biggest, most over-the-top giveaway you've ever seen for a 10k Follower milestone. Hell, this is more than you've probably seen for, well... any milestone in Instagram. 

The Goods

We've got Woodpeckers, Kutzall, Titebond, Bessey Tools, OLFA, TSO Products, Seneca Woodworking, Woodcraft, Beach & Barn, and Badger Toolbelts...  PLUS! A ton of cool maker-made goods from the likes of Cunningham Wood Work, BuiltByN8 and ProjectBuildStuff. 

How it Goes Down

We'll feature a brand a day for the next 9, 10, maybe 12 days, each with a pile of awesome all their very own. Then at the very end, there'll still be a monster giveaway, basically loading a single lucky winner up with a massive pile of gear, pulling from all our sponsors. No joke. It's gonna be that big. 

Each morning, we'll post the Featured Brand of the Day on Instagram (right this way)

When, you ask? 

Starts Tue, April 15 and runs till, ummm... we run out of gear to give away.  (FYI, it started this morning and today is Woodpeckers Day)

How to Get in on the Action

  1. Head this way and like the day's post
  2. Follow @calaveratool and @woodpeckers_tools
  3. Tag two friends - one who needs an #apronupgrade and another who's itching for some Woodpeckers
  4. Kick back and wait for the magic to happen

    How to get in on this Monster Giveaway

    Stay tuned. We'll save that for last.  

    Wait, there's a cool little twist for some extra fun! 

    Instead of just having Marvin announce all the winners, we've enlisted some of our best amigos from around the community to guest announce the winners!  


    Robot, spam and giveaway accounts are not eligible to win. Prizes will be shipped to US and Canada only. Winners will be selected at random and in as fair a manner as we know how. Not affiliated with Instagram in any way.