Remnant Leather

Remnant Leather

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We go through a lot of leather these days. With most of our emphasis on the main line of aprons, we are generating more and more scrap. Good sized pieces, but either too small or oddly shaped for an apron, pocket or anything else in our main line. 

And since it would hurt our hearts to throw away such a precious commodity, it's well... just sitting here taking up space. 

So as a little trial, we're jamming 10lbs of medium to large sized scrap into 10 boxes, give or take. Once it's gone, it's gone. If it works and everybody's happy, maybe we do it again in a few months. 

Of course we'll do our very best to sort out anything we don't think you'll use, but we ain't exactly busting out the ruler to measure each piece.  Also, a lucky few of you may even score a piece that's branded... no extra charge for the awesome. 


Classic Tobacco - 4.5-5.5oz leather. Medium brown, shades vary. 
Black Tobacco - 5-5.5oz leaher. Jet black. Heavy duty, baby. 
Light Bison - 4-5.5oz leather. Lighter in color... think pine or maple sawdust. 
Walnut Bison - 4-5.5oz leather. Dark. Think Eddie Murphy's band name in Coming to America. Same as all those hand-dyed walnut bison aprons you're so in love with. 
Mixed Brown Bison - 4-5.5oz leather. Mix of light, medium and dark brown, shades vary. 
Black Bison4-5.5oz leather. Black, shades vary. 
Black Roscoe - 4-5.5oz leather, Black, shiny and firm to the touch
Brown Bridle - Ranges from 8oz-13oz, The heavy stuff we for strapping and accents.
Black Bridle - Ranges from 8oz-13oz, The heavy stuff we for strapping and accents.
Mahogany - Ranges from 4oz-8oz. This is the most used leather in the shop so scraps will be slightly smaller. Veg Tan
Natural Veg Tan - 5-7oz Pinkish in color and ready for dye or wet molding.


Need Straps?

Want us to cut down some straps to save you the trouble (and yes, it's more work than you think)? We can do that too. Simply head this way. 

Hank Chair? Full Hides? 

Or maybe you're looking for Hank Chair panels or even Full Hides. Got those too. Right over here. 


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